• It was a summer evening and I had just returned to my house from riding my bike all day. I was dirty and sweaty so I immediately hopped in the shower. The hot steamy water felt amazing against my skin, so I ended up staying in the shower for 45 minutes, causing my mother to bang on the door to tell me to get out. So I shut the water off, wrapped a towel around me, and stepped out of the shower. I got dressed, brushed my hair, and pulled it up into a messy bun. I then hung up my towel and walked out of the bathroom and into my living room where my laptop was located. I turned it on and without hesitation, logged on to Facebook.

    I looked to see which of my friends were online and got butterflies when I saw that my boyfriend was on. We had been together for a couple of months. So I started a conversation with him but noticed he seemed a little..distant. So I asked "What's wrong?" and he said "Nothing..". I wasn't convinced so I continued the subject. "So, if nothing is wrong..can I ask you something?" and he replied "Sure". So I thought how I should say this in a way so that he wouldn't get mad(he gets upset easily). I said, "Maybe its just me..but I feel that your acting a little..distant..That's why I asked what was wrong.". To my surprise he said "Do you want to know why I seem like I dont care, or distant?" and I said "Yes please." and he replied "The nice way or the truth?". I instantly began to worry..I ket thinking 'What did I do? Where did I go wrong? I hope he doesn't end the relationship now!'. I cautiously typed back "I want the truth..". He paused for a moment and then typed "You text me too much and you bore me."...at first I thought it was a joke..he never said anything like this before! I replied "Err..excuse me?" and he said "Don't get me wrong, we've had some great laughs but now we have nothing to talk about.". At that point I was getting angry so I said "WE have nothing to talk about?? I have plenty to talk about, and I always want to tell you things, but you acted like you didn't care about anything that happened to me. Not even when that freaky kid bothered me!" so he said "Quit getting mad. Your a drama queen."........... To me, being called a drama queen is one of the worst insults.... I didn't type back for a couple minutes and then he said "Well?" and I said "I don't know what to say..You always told me I was never a drama queen.." and he said "Well I lied. You are." then he logged off. So I sat there..in deep thought...blaming myself. Blaming everything on me. Ten minutes later he texted me saying "I think we should just be friends.". Now I was completely shocked. Where did any of this come from? I also thought 'He's breaking up with me...through TEXT?? Wow...grow some balls.'. But I didn't yell. I said "Alright". He texted back saying "Soo..now that we're friends...I'm going to date someone else."....I felt like slapping him. I was yelling in my head 'You just dumped me not even two seconds ago and your already thinking about someone else?? WTF?'. I texted back, still calm "Well, I shouldn't care if you date someone else..considering we're not together anymore." and he said "Okay good...I didn't want to hurt your feelings." I was about to text back "You already did dumbass" but I restrained myself. He then claimed he was tired and he needed sleep so he stopped texting.

    For the next few days I didn't text him figuring that if he dumped me for texting him too much, I shouldn't text him. I should "lay low". He texted me around the third day of me not texting him and said "Oh so now your ignoring me? Woooow. I thought we were best friends. I guess not since I can't tell you how I feel without you being a drama queen!". I was beyond furious now. I replied "You DUMPED me because I texted you too much! Now your calling me a bad friend because I DONT text u a lot now?! WTF is your problem? How the hell am I supposed to make you happy if you keep changing your mind??" he never answered.

    Another 2 days passed and I was on facebook and he sent me a long message about how ridiculous he has been acting and he doesn't deserve a good friend like me. I considered forgiving him until he screwed it up AGAIN by saying "Oh and btw, I never liked you. I only pretended to like you and 'date' you so we can be friends. So dont be mad, okay?"........Do I even need to say anything? Im speechless. And my best friend is also talking to him and forwarding his messages that he sent her, to me. He told my best friend "Your such a great friend, I dont deserve a good friend like you!" and I immediately thought 'You douche bag..you just said that to me before you told me that you lied to me ever since I've known you!'. So I message him, and this time I'm not calm about it. I call him immature and he needs to grow up. He needs to quit playing Mario all day and actually treat his girl right, or some other guy will. But little did I know, my 'best friend' was actually comforting him..secretly taking his side. She claims she just wants to be nice.. HAH! You'd choose his feelings over your bestfriend's feelings? So now my conclusion is: My best friend liked my boyfriend. And they'll be together sooner or later. Some friend..

    I feel stupid and betrayed, and I'm sorry that this story sucked but DEAL WITH IT because I was pretty pissed!