• ~BAbe~

    babe, i need you now more than ever its hard to just breath, usally i dont admit these things but.....i miss you more than the flowers need the sun. You might not feel the same an your wishing and moving on an i know thats maybe for the best of you an me but babe, i would love you to come back home to me where we could laugh uncontrolablyl an no one can stand in our way an you could be my king an ill be your queen an we could have a royal feast....if you want.
    Some nights on those clear stary nights when stars shine among the night sky,and i need to feel close to you , i talk to the stars asking "why me ? why arent you here beside me?" Babe , i dont know what else to do i left you broken hearted an u left me shatter yeah i understand but things havent been the same sense you left everything about you an me has changed , but now babe all i can do is pray , pray for everynight we had, pray for god to give us one last chance , pray for that happy ending, praying for you to come back to me babe , everything you left behinde between the tears, the loos, the fun,the giggles , an the movies we wouldnt even pay attention to...its still in my heart im holding everything we had till that last tear drop falls, i wont forget you babe im still in love with you..an im gonna think of you from now till forever <3 !

    - by maiarocks112