• I was walking up the schools pathway to the entrance when I heard a high pitched scream cut through the chatting of people. Everyone stopped and time seemed to still like the world had been put on pause. But at the same time people were looking around, low murmurs coming from here and there. Finally people started moving again. All of them scattering into little groups of their own. Frightened looks were exchanged here and there. I looked around to see that I was the only one left in the middle of the path way. People didn’t dare come close to me. And why is that? Well word got around that I had a sixth sense. They believe it’s some kind of curse and if they touch me they will also get the misfortunate gift. It is said that “one who is able to feel the feelings of another are not meant to be in this world.” Or in other words they were born with black magic residing within them.

    The wind sent a chill up my back making me shake under my uniform. Pairs of eyes were centered on me. Then the scream came out again. It sliced through the silence like a knife cutting trough butter. Then everything was like on big explosion. Everyone started to run towards the school. Their terrified screams escaping their mouths and their fear showing with every running step they took. My stomach started to turn in an uneasy way. First I turned right and then left. Again I did the same thing but there was nothing suspicious that I could see. The path was now empty of all life except for me. The wind let out a cry and the leaves shook violently. Again the scream came out and I frantically turned around in circles until out of nowhere a headache appeared in my head. Pounding and pounding like it was threatening to escape from my head.

    Then I noticed. I was facing the east side of the school where a path leads to the forest in the back of our school. And there it was. The black crow. Its wings rustled nervously and soon it took to the air and headed down the path. I started running down the path following the birds black silhouette in the golden sun. The screaming had stopped but my headache was still there. The farther I went down the path the more intense it got. I was ready to drop to my knees when the crow stopped. I stopped to, but what I saw before me was something out of a nightmare. A pool of blood was inching its way toward my feet like it was coming to consume me. I followed the trail of blood till I came to one of the many trees in the forest. And there, hanging from the tree was a girl. She had bleach blonde hair and looked to be about my age. But I couldn’t really tell. Her clothes were covered in blood.

    Her face covered with gashes and her legs and arms covered in menacing looking scratches. But that’s not what caught my attention the most. What did was the scene around me. Trees were soaked in blood. No sound could be heard except for my ragged breathing and the boom in my head. The ground had been torn up like many beasts had gone on a rampage. Clawed markings covered tree bark and dirt. I looked back at the girl. Her gaze was lifeless but it was set in a mask of fear, and shock. I could feel my knees buckling under me and I fell to the ground. My chest started to close and my breath came out in chocking sobs. My headache continuously pounded on my skull making black dots block most of my vision. I closed my eyes and dug my hands into the ground and let out a scream. It hung in the air for some time until it faded away into the dead silence. I curled my knees into my chest and started rocking back and forth. Then a noise came from the dead forest. I shot my head up to see what it was which caused even more pain in my head. Nothing. But to the left I heard a twig crack and big thuds coming my way. A black figure emerged from the green forest and it started its way towards my direction. I got up and started to back away slowly.
    It was a beast. A demon. Its body was like a bears. Its legs that of a jungle cat. Claws extending from its big paw like feet which were covered in what probably was the dead girl’s blood. The demon lifted its head and I was shocked to see a mask covering its face. One eye was centered in the middle of the mask. I started to back away more quickly but I slipped on a pool of blood. The demon let out a terrifying shriek and started to charge toward me. Its claws digging into the ground giving it more speed to get to its next target. With incredible power the demon leaped and landed on me. Its claws digging into my shoulders preventing me from escaping. It opened its mouth and inside was a round column of teeth starting from the front of its mouth and farther back. I could smell the dead flesh and blood coming from its mouth. I let out a scream. But I knew no one was going to come. I was going to die now by this demon. I was going to be forgotten. Like the paintings in my house. Memories of me will collect dust until they turn into dust themselves. The demon let out another shriek. Its paw lifted off my right shoulder and into the air. It was ready to shred me to pieces when something black moved above me and the demon. One minute the beast was on me and the next he was flung aside and tossed against a tree.

    I laid there for a minute just listening to the sounds of the monsters loud cries of pain. Someone had come and rescued me. The sound of claws clashing against claws echoed and a growl came from the murderous fight. I finally had the courage to look over. I turned my head to where the growls were being tossed around. In front of the beast was a black wolf. Not a normal wolf but a demon wolf. The wolf was much bigger than the beast. The beast swatted its blood covered claws at the wolf. It dodged and latched its teeth onto the beast’s neck. The sound of bones braking and crunching in the massive wolf’s jaws sounded into the forest. And then the battle was over. The beast let out a wail and slumped to the ground. Its blood escaping from its neck like black ink falling out of its bottle. The blood burned everything in its path. The trees started to wither and all life started to die. The wolf backed away, jumped over my limp body and over to the other side of me. Again I turned my head and there it was. The crow. It was sitting on the wolfs shoulder and next to the wolf was a guy. He was tall and looked a little older than me. His black hair the color of the crow’s feathers and the wolf’s fur. He looked down at me and slowly stepped forward.
    He gingerly scooped me up into his arms trying to do little movement as possible. His face was set in an emotionless mask but his eyes shone different. They were a deep honey brown and they seemed to look far into me. What scared me was I couldn’t feel his emotions coming from his touch. There was nothing. Our eyes were locked and in them I could see the concern and sadness in them. And it shocked me to see a mixture of love and longing. Even though I couldn’t feel his emotions I could see them. His eyes betrayed his emptiness and his emotionless mask. He pushed away a stranded piece of hair from my damp and bloody forehead. He bent down and softly brushed his lips over mine leaving a warm blanket of sweet pleasure on my lips. My vision started to become blurry and before I was overtaken with darkness he smiled and whispered in my ear. “Rest love. You are now safe. I will never leave your side again. Trust me.” His words drifted with the wind but they sounded clearly in my mind. My body relaxed in his strong hold and soon after I was consumed by darkness. Warmth. Love. He was the one. The one who would save me from the life that was slowly killing me deep inside. We have finally met.