• -Aj
    We landed down in the private airport. I was asleep for a long time. We arrived at my hometown and the police department let us use their office for now. They knew that a dangerous serial killer on the loose in their town. Plus if he kills my wife he will most likely kidnap another probably in this town. But I will not let him kill my wife. I know this area really well. He may have experience in the wilderness but so do I. I grew up hunting and tracking and I will hunt him down.
    “Ok we have all the new house purchases,” one of the agents said.
    “Yes but won’t he be using a different name?” I asked.
    “Mostly likely yes but we have to assume that someone in this town has seen this man,” he said.
    “Plus he would have to have a big enough house to hold Special Agent Alicia without her getting out. We all know her she would put up a fight,” the women said.
    I laughed a little. It reminded me of the time that she was first on the job and her first case. She was the decoy and the man started to drag her away. She put that guy in an arm bar pined him to the ground with cuffs. She was so happy when she came home. To see her bright smile on her face just made love her more. She was always feisty. Stood up for herself and always stood up for the weak. She always cared for others before herself. It was always sad to see her so stressed out when the serial killers kept on killing. She would always have a smile on her face even when she was down. She would cheer me up too. The only thing that scared me is when I got hurt she would chew my a** out. But she always toke care of me until I was better.
    “Aj you should check in with you family since you’re here and some of your friends if you want. We’ll call you when something new comes up. Were just setting up base right now,” the agent said.
    “Alright,” I said.
    I left my Aunt knew I was in town. She was going to pick me up so we could talk and reunite. I didn’t want to see my dad. I wished that I could have brought the kids though. She loves to play with Lily. Wyatt and Trevor looked more like me though but she agreed with me that Lily was just like her mother. She came and got me and she gave me a big hug.
    “I’m sorry everyone is praying for you that they find her,” she said to me.
    “I will find her,” I said.
    “I hope you do. I miss you guys I was hoping the next time I saw you guys that it wouldn’t have been like this,” she said.
    I was looking at the window and the memories of me and my baby soon hit me hard. Especially when we went to NU to pick up one of my cousins. I tear went down my face but I didn’t let my Aunt see it. She was worried about me. I didn’t want to run into my sweetie’s old friends. First because I couldn’t tell them about the case. We wanted to keep the fact the BAU was here quiet. Plus the old memories would come back again and I really need to focus on finding her.
    It was about two and a half weeks till that man got his revenge on women. I would profile him just to piss him off.
    “Your mother never loved you neither did your wife! That’s why you do this to women! Your daughter rejected you too! You are a weak man and you will never break me!,” I screamed at him.
    “You b***h you don’t know anything about me,” he said back.
    I knew that this would just make him hurt me a lot more.
    “I have seen men like you before your nothing special!” I screamed back.
    “SHUT UP!,” he yelled.
    He grabbed my hair and slammed my head to the wall. The smell of blood came I felt it on the back of my head. He threw me to the ground and I spit the blood from my mouth. He left and gave my bandages to help the bleeding stop. That’s something that didn’t make sense. Did he feel remorse for what he just did to me? That just made my head spin trying to profile him. I rapped my head with that bandage. I layed back on the bed. I was cold and I wished that my honey was here to safe me. A couple tears came out and I fell into a sleep. I was praying that when I woke up. I would be with my sweetheart. That he would be carry me in his arms. A girl can only dream.