• There's a sight, a woman and her child.
    It makes a sad smile...

    Hazel eyes follow,
    Waiting for her mom to show,
    The woman never picks her up,
    The state makes a fuss...

    The girl wants something to eat...
    A sad thought - a brutal memory

    He's yelling at her,
    At their daughter.
    How could her mother sit by?
    As she watched her cry.

    Does mommy not love me?
    Her step dad gives no sympathy,
    The belt is raised again, isn't he such a good man?
    Smacking her again and again!

    He gets too angry,
    Again with no sympathy,
    He grabs the girl by her hair,
    He really doesn't care...

    She's thrown on the cold tile floor,
    And hears the slamming of the wood door.

    Her tears fall fast from her eyes,
    He hates it when I cry!

    The girl begs for something to drink,
    another sad thought, another bad memory.

    He grabbed her by her head.
    Then threw her on her bed.

    I hate you!
    Please make it untrue!

    Her mother follows him,
    Did she not love her then?

    Oh but she said she did,
    Did mommy tell a fib?

    The girl and her mom walk away,
    Leaving me...
    Crying in the day...