• The Art of Pessimism
    “a driving force”

    Everybody tends to see the positive side of any situation even though there is a very slim chance of making it. This has became very common to most of the people “to think positive” this what drives them to eagerness to pursue what ever their agenda is. Optimistic thinking somehow gives them hope to attain that certain goal. Thinking like this seems to become effective for most people. However, there are still people who don’t believe in the driving power of optimism. Some tends to think the other way, for them not to expect that much, making them invulnerable to the effects of disappointment.

    Pessimism when defined is some kind of a belief wherein the world is worst, bad or tends to be bad. Thinking negative in some way for other people projects the image of failure. Thus this becomes a warning for them to strive hard to be able that failure will not happen. Expecting negative outcome for most people is “bad luck”, most of them will say think positive so the outcome would be positive. But still creating this images of both sides of thinking has become another aspects in our life and culture.

    Being optimistic has a reason it’s either depends on the person’s environment and social life. Same with being pessimistic it also has a reason why people tends to think like this. But being pessimistic is normal just as being optimistic. We have different reasons why we decide to think either of the two. Pessimistic people doesn’t want to hurt themselves emotionally by expecting negative outcomes rather than expecting positive outcome. You will not be struggling on choosing what to be, because you will not choose it, it will just come to you. Feelings, experiences, social environment and emotions are the greatest factors that will affect your personality.

    But whatever you are either an optimist or pessimist is just ok nothing to worry about because whatever you choose is alright as long as it is effective for you as a person to strive harder and tackle every challenges in your life. Continue life even though you feel that obstacles are everywhere, problems are never ending. You have yourself to face this things just think of any solutions before giving up. At the first place you are the one who will help yourself at first and then when you felt that these things are deteriorating you to continue life always remember that you have your family and love ones to lean on.