• I hate that I'm so.... me.

    I mean, I'm not one of those self-hating people in the strict sense of the term, I just hate my personality. I wish i was different. And it amazes me how, as good of an actor as I am, I find it beyond myself to be different, better, more appealing. And it doesn't help that i live in the one place on earth that I couldn't get a boyfriend.

    Furthermore, I'm hellishly shy. I am so insecure, and I need people so that I don't feel lonely. And what annoys the HELL out of me is when my mom goes on and on about how i don't need anybody. And it hurts because I know I would disappoint her to know that I actually DO need people, which in why I want a boyfriend. I am convinced there are good guys out there, they just don't like me.