• He loves his life. He adores his wife. He cherishes his children. During his life, William Shakespeare thrived under the rule of Queen Elizabeth. There were knights in shining armor, ladies in waiting, nobles, dukes and duchesses back when he lived. Although he struggled through his childhood, certain events slowly led up to the decision to start his acting and writing occupation. Shortly thereafter, Shakespeare, who married Anne Hathaway in 1582, had three children with her.
    William Shakespeare’s childhood was a constant struggle. Knowing that it may greatly benefit him someday, Shakespeare pursued grammar school at age seven. When asked if it was hard to commute from his workplace, which is his father’s shop, and school, he replied that although it was as difficult as translating a whole book from Latin to English, he always managed to have fun. Probably it was tough being the oldest living child. Through all of this hustle and bustle, along with so many siblings dying, he must have been depressed. He tried to have fun. Although his cherished childhood was a challenge, certain events led up to start acting and writing.
    Shakespeare’s life resulted in events which led up to his acting and writing career. Shakespeare observed many traveling theatres. Witnessing these majestic spectacles, he secretly desired to be like them and wanted to teach people history. Shakespeare, who yearned to bring joy to people in hard times, did exactly that. Ironically, acting seemed to bring joy to him as well. Without a doubt, these peculiar events led up to Shakespeare’s role as actor and playwright.
    In 1582, Shakespeare married the lovely Anne Hathaway. Was he really happy with his marriage? When posed with this question, his face brightened and confirmed it. Shakespeare, who was a newlywed, did lots of things with his wife. He immediately bought a house. This was a family house in Stratford. Conveniently, he did not need to worry about providing for his family, because money was not an issue. Being 18 years old, Shakespeare, a young man in love, married Anne Hathaway because she was already pregnant with their first child. She bore him three beautiful children over the course of their marriage, including a pair of twins. Sadly, only two of the children survived. Hamnet, the only boy of the family, was one of the twins; he died of bubonic plague at the young age of 11. Shakespeare had no heirs. Both of his surviving daughters died without bearing children. 1582 was probably Shakespeare’s most memorable year because it was then that he married Anne Hathaway.
    Through his childhood, Shakespeare struggled. Gradually, certain events led up to his acting and writing career. While Anne Hathaway became his bride in 1582, there are no documents found as yet during that time. Shakespeare, who was an awesome playwright because he learned from his life experiences, died a spiritually rich man.