• 1. Of course, you must love chocolate. Eat, smell it, love it!

    2. Wear brown, green, black, and white dresses and outfits.

    3. Dye your hair brown!

    4. Always be respectful to people.

    5. Have a pet that is brown such as a bunny.

    6. Wear natural makeup. You can use brown blush or brown eyeshadow. For Africans/African Americans, black eyeshadow.

    7. Have a chocolate room! Have brown walls or a black rug or posters with chocolate on them.

    8. Respect your parents. They are the King and Queen.

    9. Be a "bliss" person! Your happiness may make people happy!

    10. Wear a lot of skirts (mostly brown or black).

    11. Listen to the sweet sounds of nature and calming music (No rap)

    Tips: If someone is rude to you, ignore them. They are just "low class".