• In and out of consciousness.
    Listen to the music sway me back and forth
    Feel nothing, see nothing.
    Thrown back in from random pain.
    No drugs, no alcohol,
    this is just my life.

    Got tired of waiting
    hoping, praying, thinking,
    crying, loving, living.

    Today, Facebook is gone.
    Tumblr is gone.
    Phone's gone.
    I'm gone.

    Not sleeping,
    Tried painting,
    It was s**t.
    Broke and tore the canvases.
    Paint stuck to my hands, my lips.
    Sit in the corner.

    I loved all of you
    You took that love, enjoyed it,
    Ignored me.
    I hate you.
    I am alone.

    Sleep some more.
    Until I can't anymore.
    Maybe maybe
    something will happen.
    Wake me up.

    Come and save me.