• whee It started a winter day and me and my friend,Abby were sledding down the hills.She threw of her beanie and started rolling down,I started giggling but she actually was hurt after she fell.I started shaking her arms and they didn't move.It was April 1st that day though,I shook her more and she went "Aah" To me and said "April Fools!" I was really upset because I was nervous,and got shocked when she screamed out loud.I ran away in a slow-ish motion and I got home,I saw my Aunt Debbie's car outside.Debbie was a very smart and artistic girl,I had always wanted to be a artist and loved to draw everyday.Debbie had only taught me 1 art lesson when I was 6.Then,I was 11 when I was sledding,today Debbie was going to get me threw
    another typical art lesson,which changed my life forever,she had shown me drawing and told me to trace them,even though it was better to really use a creative-mood.I traced the drawings and I felt like it was me drawing,from that day until today,I am an awesome drawer and have one 13 art shows all my life,my whole lifetime goal is to atleast win 1,004 art shows.It is really not impossible,but not certain.From that day on I am creative.