• My dear friends,
    I have encountered a life-changing experience that I feel you need to know of. In the time of the Battle of Kalinga, I saw a horrific sight that opened my eyes to the world. As I was sitting on my horse, I finally saw the battle scene before me for what it really was. Men and animals dying under the hot sun. The wounded groaning in pain on the bloody battlefield. With growing horror, I realized that all this was MY fault. It was because of me that thousands were dead, dying, or captured and enslaved by the enemy.It was at that moment I decided to become a Buddhist. I will no longer fight another kingdom just for its land. With this, I beg of you to follow in my footsteps and be kind, respectful, moral, and non-violent. Respect your elders and all living things. I will NOT harm or abuse another animal for as long as I live, so I shall not eat them either. I will become a vegetarian and live by only eating grain, vegetables, fruit, and anything else that comes from the land. I also have some Edicts for you, my followers. you should be loving, peaceful, and practice non-violence. In return, I will provide you with good health, shelter, clean water, and food. You will be treated fairly and equally in court or jail. Now I must tell you that i am not forcing you to follow me, but understand that i will never again be the reason for thousands of people to die or suffer. And this, my friends, is what I felt I had to share with you.