• I wrote this story in my journal so i'm putting it together real quick hope you like and i'm going to make more.

    I'm kimo and this is my story about how my life is just a little bit different from yours.
    Life starts out normal first i get out of bed and usually fall out, scratch my ears and brush my teeth and take a shower.
    (singing in the shower: i love being cleeeaan yeah bein clean)
    Next task eat breakfast cereal, milk, and toast oh can't forget the cat food yummy.Next it to the bus stop with my favorite purple and white snap back on(or hat)
    Let's see have to tell you my whole story and my goal to be number 1 right now i'm 12 but give me a minute to grow, i'm half demon cat and human. My mom is a demon cat my dad is a human, my favorite color is purple and i like cat food. i have cats ears that i hide with my hat and a tail and it's red and bushy. The bus has arrived let's get on my friend jalko say hi jalko: hi people , who are you taking too kimo
    kimo: My fans of course
    jalko: sure buddy
    (stopped to look at)
    The girl really love kimmie she has beauty hazel eyes golden brown hair and sun kissed skin with a tall figure.
    kimo: Sup baby want to marry me
    Kimmie: No and i hate you
    yeah she loves me, i'll tell more of story letter love my fans.

    I tell you being me is to hard. first people always take my hat, 2nd I have a tail and cat ears, 3rd i can't really eat human food so i starve at lunch. Being Kimo is to hard being its all worth it for the fans.

    My parents are off fighting the evil demons and saving the world and i could not come because on i'm only 12 but i could kill everyone in this hole school but can't kill the fans plus i will get grounded if i do sweatdrop

    I have a nanny and a big brother named Cadoh, I hate him I don't see how he's gets all the women but his not that good looking i mean his has blond hair, light hazel eyes,and he looks like his 17 but his 14 plus he has to shave not fair and he has no tail or cat ears, so mean scream but he can't eat human food at all i can eat some human food and he has all powers of a demon whats up wit that. I mean i'm cute right.

    I mean i have dirty blond hair with brown low lights,cat like blue eyes,and bright red freckles, .We all no i have a tail and cat ears so no need to tell you that, i'm 12 but i look like i'm 7. I mean people do tell me i have beautiful eyes but i'm not the one getting the girls i'm I.

    My nanny shes a demon so she very powerful and protects us and trains us she also is our mother and father until they get back so if we don't listen she will kills us and eat us for dinner.

    Next time i will tell you about my training days how fun to get beat up by your older brother how fun crying so don't miss my new story: Training Days

    Love all my fans Kimo.

    P.S. i'm planning on what Kimo will look like biggrin