• Ahh, i remeber like it was just yesterday. It all started in 5th grade, this new kid austin came into school he was very shy and happened to be in my classroom. As he walked in, all
    the girls stared at him like he was a bafe table filled with lot's of food. But i just stayed awating for my seat to be arranged because i had a big mouth and talked a lot. As he walked in the nasty red headed teacher looked at me and said "well, it looks as thought you have a new partner Alyssa". All the girls sat there wishing they were me at that very moment, so for my benefit i smerked in a smart a** way. Days passed,as did months. And it seemed as though i and Austin's seat's never got moved at all. Want to know why? Because we talked a lot, not to mention talked back. Our jokes got worse through out the year. Austin and i became the best of friends. But his friends got in the way of that a bit, becuase they all started to...BE CONTINUED