• One night around 11:58pm.
    I'm watching the computer clock in the corner in the screen, since I go to bed around 12:40am, I got a organized schedule.Then my gray cat walks around my leg asking for food I sighed because the eat alot of food and won't stop bothering me. I get up and my Dad says "Son, could you turn on the DVD for me" he asked.I said "Sure, in a minute" while putting food in the cat's plate, then I walk with the plate in my hand towards I'm going to set down the plate.On the way, the plate hits the corner of a table and every tiny piece of cat food slides off the plate and falls on the floor.I sighed with frustration in my voice, since I wanted to go back to the computer because I haven't been on the whole day because we had a blackout.I grabbed the broom and took care of the food pieces, then I forgot I had to help my Dad so I went right to it.I pressed the power button on the DVD but it didn't turn on...since the plug wasn't plugged in.I went to get it in but the plug was under a trash bag full of clothes, so I lifted it but the bag breaks from the lower part and all the clothes come out falling.After picking up the clothes and putting on my Mom's room I went back to my Dad to plug the DVD in.Then I sighed with relief and jumped back on the computer, but I looked at the clock and it said 12:39am.My happiness turned into anger and I said "Are you kidding me?!?". scream