• Im just watching as the clock ticks and imagines myself turning the gears to work right. isit kicking my feet back and forth andthink about that boy, he watches me in school but i dont know why. My name is Scarlet nothing really special and then i start doodling in my book a bad habit of course.as the teacher walks by she slams her ruler on my desk everyone jumps. She grabs my notebook and brings it to her desk. "now is this art class?" she yells as she walks back to me the nerve of that woman just a simple im 14 year old girl and yet she doesnt show any sympathy or remorse for embarassing me harrasment is what they call it.the bell finnally rings i run out the door and finally i have a reason to be glad. you see this boy i was talking about sits right next to me in english but i dont know who he is or why he looks at me all i know is that god must have sent him because he looks like an angel.finally i walk up to him, i feel lucky but awkwardly lucky, "hi my name is scarlet"
    " Johnny, nice to meet you"
    his voice is like in the middle of deep and light like when its the first time you eat chocolate in a whole week that is how it sounds.my knees buckled and unfortunately i fell. i saw the surprised look on his face " Are you okay, you just fell out of the blue"
    " uhhh...uhhh" i didnt know what to say but"im fine reflexes, i just wanted to ask you something,but you might find it silly" he looked at me with green eyes of sympathy i couldnt help it i hate those looks that you just give into. " tell me i've been dying to talk to you"
    with a surprised fate i understand this boy that stands before me that god has sent is angelicaly looking at me because he has fallen in love with me and cupid has also given this curse to me.
    ' do you want to hang out later?"
    "i'd like that very much"
    now the last thing i remember of that night was us sitting on a hill and i rolled down. I FELL OF THAT DAMN HILL and i was going to recieve a gift upon my lips from an angel
    all night long i was embarrasing myself! but why. I guess that is what they call love but mine was unlucky
    the last thing Johnny said to me was " Happy valentines day scar" and at that moment i could have sworn i have known him forever.