• Bullying, it happens to everyone right, at some point in your life, you were probably bullied. That boy that would pull you hair at recess, or that kid that would push you down, that’s bullying. As you get older, the bullying is even harsher. I would know, I was bullied, from fourth grade to around eighth grade. I would be teased, pushed around, and even spitted on. It was horrible, and I know no matter how hard I try I’ll never be able to forget about it, it was such a huge part of my life.

    I guess the bullying really started after I moved from where I was once living to where I live now, Barkley village. Now back where I use to live I was never bullied, and in fact I had a lot of friends that I know would have always had my back if I ever was, but we had to move. A lot was going on at the time, nothing horrible, just really annoying neighbors and the wanting to finally leave. So we did and it was nice, but the people on my bus, weren’t always friendly. They would poke fun at the dumb things and the things that should even matter and it didn’t matter at first, but that constant reminding and people always picking at it just sorta got to me. It started with what I wear, since I was always that kid that wore anything. You know them, those people that would wear overalls, plaid dresses with striped stocking, and people just thought that was weird. This was fourth grade even, and of course I would also get those people who wouldn’t let me sit with them on the bus, my own sister didn’t let me sit with her either. Course that was hard, but that’s bearable right, that’s not bad. No, it’s not, but it doesn’t end there, no not at all, the bullied only got worse from there.

    Sixth grade now, I still dress a little oddly, to the point where people would stare at me at the bus stop, and in winter, guess who was pushed in the snow. It was me, yeah pushed in the snow, now I tried my best just to think to myself, “Liz you are so much better than them”, but when nobody wants to sit next to you on your bus it’s not easy. I always carried a heavy backpack too, heck even now I still do and I would put it on the ground so I didn’t have to carry it. It was once taken from me and put in a tree, good thing it wasn’t high up. I always felt so alone, and no one really helped me either. I mean why would you? you would get bullied too, but when you have your entire bus against you, you have to do something. That something wasn’t done into eighth grade, probably the worst year of my life, my seventh grade year was also awful, but let’s not get into my seventh grade year.

    So eighth grade now, you know what’s sad in eighth grade, when still you feel like you’re alone and in way I was. My sister, two grades below me, see she was never bullied and at the time my family was going through a rough point in our lives, my dad being unable to work and all. That was only added stress on me, on my bus I would be called “Michael Jackson” for my pale skin and dark hair, now mind you I never really got this one but hearing it all the time, it gets to you. I was also called lesbian, now people who know me know I’m not, but when you have people who you don’t even know going up and asking if you are, it’s annoying. That’s not even the worst of it, no the worst is people always asking if I was crazy, threatening to hit me, and even worse than that. It went as far as I had to go get counseling for due to cutting, over a month out of school but it didn’t stop. No it continued in till one day it went too far, it began when I was just talking to someone, and someone told me to shut up. I tried to defend myself, but it was no use, the guy threatened to hit me, and another guy put him in a head lock. I still really never got to thank him for that; he really probably saved my life that day, made me remember that I’m not alone.

    You even though for years I had to deal with bullying, to the point I would lock myself in my room crying wishing it would all end, I made it through all of it. I made it through the names, Michael Jackson, lesbian, crazy, Freakos, the threats, and everything else. I made it, and I can honestly say it made me stronger, because I know I made it through all that okay. Who knows what else I can make it through and if any of those people could see me now I’d show them that I’m so much better then they will ever be.