• Theme song (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones- The Impression that I get )
    A sneak series of the Summing Up The Skies.story starts from the rolling of Shinamato family Inn. mainly to Kyo-nosuke and his strange mannered family.its not bad of it if the meaning of strange is a hilarious antics of mischief.that not kyo-nosuke's problems.his problem is the new client that the families been having.they have been up brewing to the funny antics.another is that he had a crush on one of the client same age bit average girl . of that read as kyo-nosuke live his life in their family inn and how this girl brew his life up and down
    Chapters : (japan holidays)
    - New Year (shogatsu) new year new beginning !!!
    - Beginning of spring (setsubun) trouble at the inn
    - National Foundation Day (kenkoku kinenbi) role and play
    - Valentine's Day , knocking on wood
    - Doll's Festival (hina matsuri) cherry blossoms
    - White Day , testing the odds
    - Spring Equinox Day (shunbun no hi) morning mourn
    - Showa Day (Showa no hi): ups and downs
    - Children's Day (kodomo no hi): frowns and smiles
    - Obon ,roller coaster
    - Respect for the Aged Day (keiro no hi): meet to them
    - Health and Sports Day (taiiku no hi):sports feast
    - Culture Day (bunka no hi): Dao-mi missing?
    - Labour Thanksgiving Day (kinro kansha no hi): family out
    - Christmas: a chill on the side a warm chocolate
    - New Year's Eve (omisoka): hear me to laught
    for now like it to let me know if I should start...................................
    its good if you listen to the music