• Everyone walks on their own path.

    Sometimes you’ll have to choose between different paths.
    No matter which one you take, a new future will be there, waiting for you to come.
    Things around you will influence you; your friends, family, future or your past.
    Whether you’ll go alone or not, is your final choice.

    Sometimes you are walking a path, together with someone.
    Your parents, your dad or your mother? Your friends? Your love?
    Will you walk this path together and see the end, the goal you wanted to achieve?
    What is your goal? Is it wealth? Happiness? Love? Something else?

    But what if there’s an obstacle on your path. What are the consequences?
    Are you going through it or are you going to run away to search another path

    Sometimes you are all alone, you feel alone. They.. everything is gone.

    She cried, all alone.

    The loss of something important
    What if you lost the most precious thing in your life?
    Do you feel the pain and sorrow?

    Where do you have to go, if you don’t know it yourself anymore?

    Someone comes near her and tries to comfort her. “It’s alright” the girl said to the crying one.

    Do you have to accept someone who says it’s alright? Do they even understand what
    you’re feeling? They don’t know how it feels like, because they still have
    everything and you don’t.

    But this someone is also a light in your darkness
    Don’t let the darkness blind you.
    Don’t walk away from the path you were walking.
    If you push little by little, you’ll get through and go on.

    The girl kept comforting and said with a soft crying voice “I’m here for you”.

    Don’t forget, the ones that are still with you

    And truly love you.