• Humans. We, as a species, have come from humble beginnings. We evolved from creatures that have surpassed because hey knew how to. We all have been created by God and Science, the two working together. However, we have come a long way.

    We humans started out like all mammals should; warm, furry, caring, and full of knowledge passed from generation to generation. We started as creatures who used rocks to fight animals much more tough, now we have the stars, literally, in our grasp. We have invented many things, yet we have forgotten all the losses in our history. Many heroes have started and ended, same with Anti-heroes, yet we all have something in common.

    We are human. Many people forget this. They have grown cold, unfeeling, too emotional, and un lovable. However, there are a few of us who pass that boundary between being a human, to being a hero. A hero can be anyone, anything. we view them as men and women, however, we don't realize the heroes who have given their lives that aren't so human.

    We, as a species, have created many things. Space travel, weapons, and medicine are to name three out of millions of inventions.

    We always forget one thing, that we are not above anyone, or anything. We are one thing.