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    What it's like having your whole arm replaced with that

    of metal and wires? You should ask a vet about that or ask an amputee about life without

    that one arm you've grown up with. But ask a man what it's like to have an augmented arm

    with a claw attachment, flamethrower function, and hot iron module? Well ask those

    among OllinTek, because technology like this "ain't" for civilians or military personnel,

    mainly because tech like this is far beyond, reason why is because of budget wise and

    in OllinTek, budget is never an issue, it's only the job that can be an issue most of the

    time, but, we all do em anyways and that's how the company gets paid and that's how we

    get our paycheck. Yeah, the first time I got my arm blown off and getting a metal was

    unnatural at first, it's hard to mentally control your mechanical limb since it takes immense

    concentration and focus, though the mental consequences are... brutal... insufferable...

    painful... and it makes you regret the job you've taken... same thing applies to those

    amputees, but as for me, it's much, much worse than it is. These mechanical limbs do

    however obtain the ghost of your own limb and from time to time the most painful

    recognition of that ghost limb haunts you as if it's still there... as if it's going through that

    horrific day you lost that limb... the pain is the only thing that makes me feel like killing

    myself to end it all. But, you're the only person who've helped me dealt with coming to

    terms with that ghost. At least I don't feel the pain as much as I used to, though this arm

    still has a claw, so it's hard to socialize with people even outside work. And as cool as

    some people find it, well there are others who do fear that I don't have full control even

    though I've gotten years of using this arm. It has it's perks at least, but, cooking with

    concentrated napalm out in the wilderness is not recommended, I can still defend myself

    against predators. It's the best and the worst when it comes to having an advanced

    prosthetic arm, a bittersweet scenario at best, if you go to a great doctor who can help you

    in anyways possible. But one thing that can't be cured is the feeling of lose, I still miss my

    old arm yet it's all blown up into little pieces, like confetti being thrown into the air, every

    piece is different but every other piece have been incinerated.

    There is no getting that one limb back... Never...