• 1. I love the song somewhere over the rainbow.
    2. I hate vampires
    3. I love red roses not black ones.
    4. I don't wear black lip stick.
    5. I don't own the corset.
    6. I don't usually wear crosses.
    7. I don't ever drink coffee.
    8. I don't like Halloween because i usually get scared of Count Dracula when I was little.
    9. I don't like grave yards because I don't know whose bodies in the grave yards.
    10. I don't watch scary or horror movies at all because they are too much gore and blood.
    11. I don't go on goth clubs
    12. I born during in the morring
    13. I never drink wine.
    14. I never drink coffee unless it's star bucks
    15. I love to wear a bows in my hair
    16. I love swimming in the deep waters.
    17. The end of Ariel the little mermaid makes me cry.
    18. I never watch the nightmare before Christmas.
    19. I'm the huge pirates of the Caribbean fan.
    20. I enjoyed making friends with the normies.