• Something to think about: (I know I shouldn't be pointing fingers without more information, but... Muslims)

    The French police have been looking into this as an 'involuntary cause' AKA an 'accident' most likely due to construction; That's suspect because a Spokesperson said that no one should have been on site since the construction workers leave by 5pm-5:30pm and the fire started at about 6:20pm. Also, what tools - if any, would cause a fire like that to start if all the power tools were turned off - unless someone turned them back on an hour after everyone went home.

    Not to mention the Chief architect of Notre Dame said: 'We installed new detection system in 2010, and completely rewired the cathedral, so the fire wasn't caused by electrical short-circuit'

    Let's not forget that ISIS recently celebrated the fire by posting a picture of it burning and saying “retribution and punishment,” “Its construction began in the year 1163 and ended in 1345. It’s time to say goodbye to your oratory polytheism.”

    Not to mention that 47 other Christian/Catholic churches have been burned, in France, in February alone - 2,000 just in the last 2 years; Not just by Muslims, but other groups such Feminists and Antifa who support Muslims, the fall of patriotism, and radical ideologies.

    Not to mention it's Holy Week for Christians of course not many Muslims support that; And it's around this time (and Christmas) when Muslim attacks go on the rise and become even more violent because of Christian celebration. This wouldn't be the first time someone, of Muslim faith, tried to set Notre Dame on fire around the time of the Christian Holy Week;

    Ines Madani, a 22yr old Muslim woman living in France, was accused of encouraging would-be Jihadists to set fire to a car filled with six gas cylinders near Notre Dame; From March 2015 - June 2016. She has currently been sentenced to 8 years in prison.

    Not to mention if it were found out that a Muslim/Muslim group did target and burn down Notre Dame that would be a HUGE blow into all the work the French president Emmanuel Macron, and that snake Angel Merkel did to get Muslim (and African) immigrants to flood the country (with crime and forced multiculturalism); People would no longer believe the lie that 'Immigrants are our greatest strength' and would want to remove all immigrants from the country, and without the immigrant vote Macron and Merkel would be kicked out of office - along with many of the current Muslim leaders.

    Then saying 'When France sneezes, Europe catches a cold' would be fitting.