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    "all i can remember from when i was a child.. all i had thought, hoped, dreamed, fantasized.. through all those fuzzy memories.. are the mornings of my birthday.. every birthday, i would zip, and tie, and fluff as quickly as i could with my little hands, so i could get outside, welcomed, and embraced by the crisp, fresh winds, to see the sunrise.. it felt so magical.. as if the sun itself had waited to rise, just so i could sprint through the door without the door, to witness it's beautiful red flares gleam across the morning sky, it's pink glow, light up the dull atmosphere.."

    "One morning, unlike the many years before, the roses were shriveled, not thriving, the air stood still, not gracefully sweeping it's wings over the lands. The sky was dark, not dazzling alike the sky's little, precious, glowing diamond. Mother, took me out, into the kitchen.. she looked.. ashamed to some degree of herself.. she looked hard, into my eyes, her eyes shimmered with tears to the bottom of her eyes.'Daddy..he went.. to.. h-h-he went to go.. he w-went to.. work, for.. an.. emergency and will.. be gone.. for.. a long time.'..

    Episode One Preview song (play while reading): ECHO【Gumi English】Crusher-P: The Living Tombstone Remix

    Author: ハラスカ-Haraska

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    Remix Artist- The Living Tombstone (YouTube)
    Original- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQKGUgOfD8U or【VOCALOID Original】ECHO【Gumi English】
    Original Song Artist- Crusher-P (YouTube)