• 'Where's that dobe?!' Sasuke thought while wandering the outskirts of Konoha.

    He then saw an old friend of his. Well he was close to a friend. But Sasuke found calling him a friend was better.

    "Gaara!" Sasuke called to the Subaku.

    A boy with red hair and teal green eyes turned to Sasuke. He held back his smirk. He knew the pissed off Uchiha was looking for a certain blonde kit.

    "Hm?" He responded.

    Sasuke finally made it to the Subaku. "Where's the dobe?! I've been walking around Konoha for the longest!" He pratically yelled.

    Gaara shrugged. "Told me not to tell..."

    Sasuke frowned at Gaara's joke. "I'm serious!"

    Gaara smirked. "He sounded serious too. He said until you return the feelings he has for you, he has no need to be bothered and/or be around you."

    Sasuke's jaw dropped. 'How could he say that?!' He thought.

    He was now confused.

    Sasuke then 'grr'ed and stormed off.


    It was now dark and he was worried. He started to think about Naruto leaving him. He wanted to be with the blonde.

    While wondering all day he figured he loved him. He loved his determination. He even loved him calling him teme or baka. He missed his laugh. He loved how his eyes and hair contrasted with his pale skin. Sasuke loved his smile most of all. The one that warmed him greatly.

    Sasuke felt his eyes water. But he kept them back because Uchiha's don't cry. His future love was nowhere to be found or seen. Gaara wouldn't spill, Kiba kept joking around, and Sakura made matters worse. He didn't like asking her at all.

    'But who else knew where to find the idiot?!' He thought; starting to get pissed.

    He wasn't going to give in until he returned his feelings. He was an Uchiha after all. Uchiha's never quit.

    Then it hit him.

    "IRUKA!!!" He exlaimed loud enough to make a few dogs bark.

    The somewhat happy Uchiha ran off to the Genin's house.

    He knocked on the door and heard a mumbled curse. As the door opened a tall man stood there. He had a gentle aura that could calm anyone.

    "Iruka-sensei, I'm sorry for coming so late. But I NEED to know where Naruto is." He almost choked; as a deep crimson covered his face.

    Iruka yawned and smiled at Sasuke's blushing face. "He's inside alseep. I'll go get him. Meanwhile, you sit on the couch."

    Sasuke obeyed.


    Naruto and Sasuke sat on the couch silent.

    Naruto finally got pissed and looked at Sasuke.

    "I came down hoping..., hoping you would feel the same. But..., I guess I didn't hope good enough. I'm tired and I plan on training tomorrow. Now if you excuse me, I'm going back to bed."

    The blonde stood and slowly walked away. Hoping the Uchiha would stop him.

    Sasuke's head hung low in sadness. 'What should I do? Every time I wanna say something to him, it comes out wrong! I wanna tell him! I really do! I just... I just can't...!'

    Sasuke inhaled deeply. 'They say actions speak louder than words. I just hope they're right.'

    He got up and turned the blonde's face to his and pressed his lips firmly against the others before letting go. He flushed as so did the other.

    "S-Sasuke..." Naruto was stunned.

    Sasuke found himself speechless and just hugged him.

    Naruto held onto him tightly and cried.

    He cried because the one he loved, loved him back. He cried because he was also tired. But Sasuke needn't know that.

    Naruto was just happy.

    Happy someone else didn't hate him.


    End~ ninja