• Pulling the String on his back.
    By: Matthew Draft

    I don't remember,
    asking for your narcissistic review,
    I can't remember,
    Why I would speak to you,

    But then you walk away,
    It becomes so clear,
    You smell of cologne,
    and you're to stupid to realize,
    I have been watching you.

    Out of the corner of my eye,
    In the corner of the room,
    close enough to smell you,
    and you're load enough to hear,
    you're dumb enough to turn to me to say,
    "Did you hear,
    my friends brother,
    I think he might be queer."

    You speak so well,
    saying gay every other word,
    You damn me to hell,
    without knowing, it is absurd
    and that feminine tweak,
    Makes you hard to put in words.

    Little homophobic boy,
    You've become my favorite toy,
    I've fallin' head over heels for you,
    You speak a little effeminate,
    as you say things discriminate,
    You're the cutest tool,
    Every thing that I say,
    In that joking way,
    The adorable fool,
    Way to break your cool,

    Maybe you will figure it out,
    Maybe you're not so dense,
    Maybe you'll come out,
    It would all make sense,
    The broken logic you sat in front of me,
    I hear a revolving sound,
    The axis is you,
    Just like pulling a string,
    Oh homophobic boy,
    You are my favorite toy.