• I remember the coldness of a starless night,
    The darkness when the moon hides it's spurious face,
    The sadness when the rain pours down to blend with your own tears.

    I remember the sun's warmth on a clear sky,
    The light by winter's midday when the sun is high,
    And happiness when the rainbow makes you smile.

    I remember the bitter taste of blood in your mouth,
    The reek of burning flesh,
    on the battlefield after the war of humankind,
    where the death toll is always high.

    I remember the feeling of defeat,
    the fall from the highest place
    to the bottom of your own existence,
    when you lose the sight of right and wrong.

    I remember how it felt to be victorious,
    to reach the top on your own,
    climbing on corpses of the ones that dared to stand on your way.

    I remember the endless nights on my own,
    and mornings in the crowds of no ones.

    I remember the pain of rottening soul,
    When hatred starts to eat your hope.

    I remember the strength to walk forward,
    To wake up every day and look forward to each next day,
    The dreams that let me live up 'till now.

    I remember my own fear which I saw in your eyes,
    When your tried to crush my dreams,
    by putting a choker on my neck.

    I remember all that,
    even the scream before death,
    and a gasp for air after birth.

    So why can't I bring up the image of your face,
    the sound of your calming voice,
    and the thrill when you touched my hand...