• Cupid's arrows fly towards Death's marveling face
    Striking the minions of Death
    Blood soaks into the cold earth as each arrow hits
    Fear yells…
    'Sister Death
    'Run my lady, you have to get out of here now.'
    Death's blade blocks an oncoming arrow
    Fear takes the tips of Cupid’s arrows into his body
    ‘Run my lady. Run for the life of God!’
    Death sheathed her blade and fled
    Her minions followed…
    The Wolf of the Underworld jumped from Hades’s pit
    The Hydra followed closely behind…
    Cupid gazed upon the demon
    And the monster
    The wolf was a symbol of Death
    But Death herself didn’t claim the wolf
    ‘I will claim this land in the name of love.’
    Cupid stated, his arrow drawn back
    He fired at the Hydra, hitting the neck
    The Hydra, being the only of its kind
    Yelled in a mighty roar
    But, denounced to any one
    The Hydra had changed on this day
    Love for itself kept its heads to grow…
    Cupid fired another arrow at the wolf
    It hit…
    It pierced…
    It angered…
    The wolf looked at the wound
    And watched as the arrow of love melted into its skin
    Cupid roared with vic’try
    He had defeated Death
    He had defeated Fear
    He had defeated the Hydra and
    He had defeated the Wolf of the Underworld
    He laughed, his men laughed
    He danced, his men danced
    Fear, which had remained behind with his men
    He stood on his knee
    Only one knee
    His blood was spilling from his mouth
    And his chest…
    But he watched as Death ran from the battle
    He watched as the gates of Hell had opened
    And he watched the Wolf
    While Cupid danced
    He didn’t see the Wolf
    The Wolf, was no longer a wolf
    He was a man and his skin
    His skin was whiter than bone
    And his hair, it burned red like fire
    He carried only one weapon
    Not a sword, not a bow
    Not a pike, not a cleaver
    Not a spade, not a spear
    Not a shield and not a halberd
    But a unique weapon
    A weapon that Fear had only seen farming done with
    It had a long pole like a spear
    And had a blade like a halberd
    But it was curved
    And it was…
    It was the weapon…
    The weapon called Scythe
    The demon twirled the scythe
    Cupid’s men now saw him
    And the last thing Cupid saw
    Was the face…of Grim
    And then no more
    Frozen is now as the cold of Death standing above them
    The end of a story
    Will not start without the detail of another
    You must know the key
    To inherit the red…
    O’ warriors of the red
    Strong and proud as you were
    Matching towards the Cliffs of the Other
    Walking each toe behind a heel in an awesome line
    Their crimson flags on their backs rushing with the wind
    Their silver guns raised barrel high
    And a polished sword at each hip
    All wearing a blood red coat that never gave into
    As the dragon of red reaches the cliffs
    Shots from powered guns
    Blazed the silent marching
    Bouncing and clanging steel to steel
    The men of blue had surprised the dragon of red
    As the turtle had struck at the Cliffs of the Other
    And its body had fallen
    But the head and long neck was still moving
    And it hadn't fallen to
    The head had not noticed the fallen body
    It marched on
    Horns hard enough to stop any penetration
    But as it matched
    The very fangs of the snout
    Had turned on its owner
    And the fangs consumed the head and neck
    Killing the dragon of red
    The men of blue had betrayed the dragon of red
    Causing everlasting…
    But unannounced,
    The wolf of the Underworld
    Watched from afar, on the Cliffs of the Sane;
    Watching as the body and legs fell off the dragon
    And heard the stomps of the head ceased,
    Lady Death walked up beside the black wolf and placed her hand on the demon,
    'Go my pet, and feed the chaos of the world once more.'
    The wolf looked to the ground, closed its eyes as if it regretted
    And smiled
    It opened its eyes and looked towards the fallen dragon of red
    The men that made the dragon held each other
    White as ghosts they held
    Scared of what is to come
    The wolf took a step forwards
    Then another
    Then another
    Then another
    Then another
    The ground turning into pure ice with each step
    The rocks freezing, causing life to die
    Then the wolf, the demon of the Underworld
    Ran towards the living ghosts
    But now, he was no longer a wolf
    But a man
    A solid white man
    With wine red hair and
    Pitch black nails
    He ran, as Death floated beside him
    She placed her hand on his side
    A black hooded coat surrounds
    His face whiter than any skull, and his hair like pure fire
    His sword at his side, and Lady Death's scythe at hand
    The same scythe that caused…
    The demon smiled, as he closed in on the Spirit of the dragon of red
    Her scythe rose to his side
    He slashed, causing even the very dead to die again
    Their souls harbored into the steel
    To be tormented for all eternity
    The dragon of red cried for redemption
    But all it got was pain
    The pain of
    As the souls waited for redemption
    The men of blue and turtle of green stood above the head of the dragon of red
    And laughing as the solid dragon had been defeated by no more than a hand full of men,
    But when the wails reached the ears of the turtle of green and men of blue
    Ice felt warmer than their skins
    Fear, the brother of Lady Death, had the two in his hands
    Held them, unable to have a vassal for him, forcing him to do the dirty work
    The turtle of green, braver than the men of blue
    Turned a blind eye to fear, and rushed to stop the wails
    For they knew Death, they knew…
    The men of blue held their guns in their hands
    Fingers on triggers
    The wait was paralyzing…
    As fear molded them like putty
    The wailing stopped shortly after the turtle of green left…
    The crisp blue moon over the dark cold world
    Darkness filled the minds of the men of blue
    Ice trails down their spines
    Fear grasps their hearts causing
    A single blade holds bay
    The name of Death to be protected
    An army of cowards look to the face of Death
    The white frozen faces stares at them
    Guns raised…power loaded…
    Men show no emotion…
    Frozen is now as the cold of Death standing above them…
    Lady Death's scythe is sharpened
    Her grin on his face cuts into her heart
    Her dead golden eyes look upon the lone wolf against the men of blue
    The demon's coat flowing with the wind as his sheath is emptied
    He holds his blade to the moon light sky
    His voice is heard, 'Surrender to Death!'
    A volley is fired
    He stands with open wounds
    But fall he does not
    He shakes his head and laughs
    He throws his scythe to his side
    And draws his black sword from his hand
    The sword that caused royalty everlasting
    His speed runs through
    Slashing the air
    The air now warm with the rich scent and taste of blood
    Men fall before breath to be heard
    Men of blue fallen
    Demon in coat, demonized for his life-
    He could kill to his heart's contempt
    But not to know
    The wolf of the Underworld stood surrounded by the men of blue
    Their bodies hang limp
    Their souls harvested into the black blade
    The wails of their souls are heard
    Wails that are louder than the dragon of red
    Until he sheaths it
    And silence is heard
    The same that is within
    The turtle of green looks upon the misshapen body of the dragon and head
    Bound together now
    Their bodies stand
    Their eyes sunken deep within their faces
    The flesh fallen off of the body
    The crimson blood absorbed into the ground
    Turning the little vegetation red
    Fear grips the hearts of the turtle of green
    Frozen is now as the cold of Death standing above them
    Hell opens it gates and sucks in the bodies, feasting the demons
    Lady Death's servant stands beside her, and her brother fear stands on her left
    The Three stand
    Facing the Gates of Hell
    Laughing, as the turtle of green
    The last of this great epic
    Turns in its very own blades
    Into their own souls
    Into their shelled body
    Frozen bodies now lay in the cold snow
    As Death laughs at the torment of the souls
    The Lady smiling
    Her vassal enjoying himself
    The souls of the turtle of green now wails louder than the men of blue and dragon of red
    But then again, who can really hear the dead, except for the dead?
    Cupid had been banned from the heavens since he could no longer see
    And Death had taken in the wolf as a child
    An abandoned child
    She gave the wolf two names
    The first name
    The mortals all knew well
    A common name
    Grim Fate
    But the second name
    It was a name the gods used
    Lucifer, the sinful angel
    Fear had kept watch over Cupid
    His eyes had been cut out for a god twelve days
    Cupid for that time had been wandering aimlessly
    No long able to control minions
    He was stuck
    Bound to fire aimlessly at random people
    He had grown weak
    And without honey
    He withered to the size of a baby
    Of a weak human baby
    Lucifer, with hatred so deep
    Had followed
    And every time he fired and hit
    He would kill one of the loves
    So the other would suffer
    He would harvest them
    And with Death having lost her eyes from her brother
    For he placed fear into everything
    He was banished to have acid poor on his head
    But Death had saved him, while the acid pored into her eyes
    So now, both Death and Love are blind
    Cupid a monster
    And Death an angel
    Lucifer followed
    And attacked wildly
    Like the beast he truly was
    Cupid was on the dry sand
    When the demon gripped him
    ‘You have lived long enough mighty love.’
    ‘So have you Lucifer.’ Love responded
    He pulled his bow back, barely able to hold it steady
    He fired
    He fired
    And again
    He fired at where he thought the demon was
    But Lucifer was smart
    He had thrown his voice in every way that he wasn’t
    ‘Where are you firing at?
    ‘Oh dear, I am not that way
    ‘Are you sure you are not blind, maybe you are just ignorant.’
    He would taunt the blinded baby
    Fear watched, but he didn’t warn Death
    He would wait till one was dead
    But the old gods did not watch like Fear did
    They were riding down from the heavens
    The head god
    His lighting bolts were in his hand
    Zeus fired his lighting
    And hit his target
    Lucifer fell to the ground
    His human form took back to the wolf
    Ares and his minions
    Hades and his minions
    Rode down behind Zeus
    Fear stepped behind Lucifer
    ‘Now is the time for the gods of the old to give way
    ‘And a new lord to be picked.’
    Lucifer stood up as a wolf
    He growled as the three gods rode towards them
    Zeus fell back
    And threw lighting at the two demons
    Fear blocked with his sword
    Hades fell back
    Leaving Ares to attack first
    Ares’s men flew around him
    The wolf was already taunting
    ‘Come on you bats of hell.
    ‘I will take you all back.’
    The lone wolf flew towards the minions of Ares
    They drew their swords
    But to slow
    Lucifer had cut through them
    He was human again
    Scythe twirled in his hands
    As the gates of hell opened
    Sucking in the minions
    Fear jumped past him, and the remaining life
    And stabbed Ares in the heart
    Blood spilled to the ground
    As Fear pulled the sword through his bone of collar
    Ares feel without breath
    Onto the bloody sand
    Hades flew at the two
    He caught Fear by the throat
    He squeezed causing blood to pump up to his mouth
    Fear coughed
    His world was going black
    ‘I knew Death was soft.
    ‘She should of left you to die in the-’
    But Hades was cut short
    Lucifer grabbed Hades’s skull
    And crushed it
    Hades minions were then sucked into the gates of hell
    Zeus flew towards them
    Throwing lighting
    But he couldn’t see who was flying behind him
    Lady Death flew behind
    Her blade in her hand
    Zeus drew his mighty hammer when Lucifer charged
    The two collided
    Bone against steel
    The earth pulsed with life
    As the two forces
    The great desert
    In this desolate land
    It had begun to rain
    It rained and rained
    Until the greatest body of water had been formed
    Lucifer felt the tremble of the god
    Death had pierced through his heart
    She, of all, had killed a god
    She, unlike any other angel
    Had caused a god to go through
    Frozen Death
    Jehovah, bound by the gods of his
    His chains melted away, forming the gate of heaven
    So only a few could enter heaven
    Humans this time, and not all be trapped in hell
    Jehovah had given Lady Death her eyes back
    And when he saw Lucifer
    He cast him to the depths of hell
    As punishment for his crimes
    Lucifer resides now in hell
    Along with God’s mighty angel Beelzebub
    The two now fight over the sea of lava
    Death comes to hell often, to give the poor soul freedom
    She takes his place there
    Taken on the hot torment
    Because, Cupid’s last stray arrow, hit her
    Proving that even a lost angel of Death
    Can love a demon of hell
    Can you?
    As Lucifer sat in the hell pit
    He studied Jehovah’s actions
    Humans of wrought come here
    But those with his blessings go to their haven
    Lucifer grabbed Scythe
    Beelzebub stepped in front of him
    ‘Lucifer, what do you think you are doing?
    ‘You have been banished to fight, now fight.’
    Lucifer looked at the pointed trident
    That Beelzebub stole from the dead body of Neptune
    ‘You have much to learn worthless angel.’
    Lucifer walked past him, Death had come down to replace him again
    He left from his hell onto the new world Jehovah had made to his likeness
    A brilliant light shown from the sky,
    And it wasn’t chained to a carriage
    ‘Jehovah, you have done so much, in those six days.’
    Under the world roamed hell
    Where Death sat in her torment, she was an angel
    So the pain was almost unbearable
    Fear had often tried to take her place
    But she never allowed it
    Beelzebub often mocked her
    Cutting her and stabbing her
    But she never could stop him
    But by this time, Jehovah had noticed that she would go missing
    And her brother often didn’t speak to anyone during these times
    He peered into hell often, but to find Lucifer safely there
    ‘My God, Lucifer has entered into your new world
    Death has taken his place there.’ An Angel named Gabriel
    From this day, god gave her a name
    Azrael, meaning “whom God helps”
    ‘Gabriel, go and stop Lucifer.’
    He commanded, and so Gabriel did
    Jehovah peered into hell, and saw Azrael being tormented
    He gave her and all angels mercy
    They would no longer feel the pains of hell
    Azrael looked at Beelzebub with new vigor
    She drew her blade
    ‘Beelzebub, you have been damned to hell by our God
    ‘You torment my love
    ‘I will destroy you for all you are worth.’
    Beelzebub smirked, as he held his trident to her
    The angels who had followed him
    The new demons
    Flew behind him
    They held their blades
    A clash of angels and demons was to embark
    Are you ready?
    Gabriel landed behind the mighty Lucifer
    ‘I do not have time for your trifle
    ‘Leave me to mine own affairs
    Gabriel looked at him curios
    Her eyes pierced into his soul
    He, unlike the others, felt what angels did
    But unlike the angels, he felt what the humans had
    He twirled Scythe
    He felt the demons escape from hell
    Gabriel looked at him, and thought he was going to strike
    She drew her Flaming Sword
    She pointed it at him
    ‘If you wish to fight
    ‘The come at me, with no stopping Lucifer.’
    Lucifer looked at her
    ‘I don’t attack allies.’
    She looked at him astonished
    He was closer than she thought
    His scythe was so close
    She could feel the coldness from the blade
    A demon lay dead
    ‘Fight with me, if you wish to live.’
    She turned and faced the oncoming demons
    With Lucifer, the Sinful Angel
    And Gabriel, the Divine Angel
    The demons fled with fear
    Lucifer followed behind
    Gabriel moved ahead to cut them off
    Beelzebub slashed at Azrael
    But she blocked him with her damned blade
    Her own blade
    By Jehovah’s hand
    Had been altered to fit her newer self
    She loved someone who was damned to be in hell
    But she defied
    With an act of love
    She defied
    And allowed her love to roam free
    Fear watched her fight the old angel
    He left heaven
    To go to the pits of hell
    And Jehovah named him Michael
    Michael landed in the deepest, darkest pits of hell
    He drew White Blade
    It burned with the intensity of the old gods
    Demons lunged at him from every which direction
    But as they neared him
    His blade grew red hot
    It burned them
    He dashed towards the upper cliffs
    Where Beelzebub and Azrael fought
    She was lousing her footing
    Beelzebub may have lost his wings as an angel
    But he was stronger than most angels still
    His trident crushed her blade
    She fell to her knees
    Rendered useless
    He held his trident up in the air
    To finish her off
    He brought it down
    Black Metal clashed with White metal
    Michael’s blade stopped the old trident
    He pushed the demon off his sister
    ‘My Lady, I have come, out of both hatred and fear to protect you
    ‘Call me what you will, Beelzebub
    ‘But I have come to destroy you and you horde of demons.’
    White Blade turned hotter and hotter by the second, that hell felt cold
    ‘By the name of Jehovah,
    ‘And by White Blade,
    ‘I will give Judgment.’
    He dashed forward toward Beelzebub
    Lucifer blocked the demons that sought after his death
    ‘Out of our way!’
    He yelled
    He was running back to the gates of hell
    Gabriel was closely behind
    She gave aid from behind
    While Lucifer cut in the front
    Lucifer saw the swirling vortex of hell
    ‘Got it!’
    He trusted Scythe into the hole
    The instrument of death
    Closed the vortex
    But it rendered Lucifer helpless
    A demon stabbed him through his chest
    He fell to the ground
    Blood gushing to the ground
    Gabriel was fairing worse
    Her wings were being ripped apart
    Lucifer felt his soul darkening
    Scythe wouldn’t allow it
    It opened the portal back up
    And went to the aid of its master
    She spun
    Slashing demons that closed in on him
    The gods of old, that had been struck like their cousins
    Saw the opening
    They pushed themselves out of hell
    Apollo (whom had been stricken down by Jehovah),
    Poseidon (whom had been cut down by Beelzebub)
    And all of the old gods
    They roamed on the lands free again
    Jehovah wouldn’t allow
    ‘Rise Lucifer
    ‘Rise Gabriel
    ‘Go Uriel, the Flame of God
    ‘Prevent these fiends from reaching mine gates.’
    Uriel flew from the heavens toward Gabriel and Lucifer
    Pillars of Fire followed from behind
    They struck down at the demons
    Slaying all evil
    Beelzebub lost his trident to the god
    He caught White Blade with hands bare
    The sword only grew hotter and hotter
    ‘What demonic blade have you wrought?”
    He yelled, holding on, so the Michael won’t be finished
    ‘I carry the sword of Jehovah.
    ‘I carry the faith of the new worshipers.
    ‘I carry White Blade, the sword of Heaven!’
    He slashed, leaving deep gashes into the demon’s hands
    Blood hit hell’s ground
    The old gods knew that if they aid this old angel
    They would win against Jehovah
    Ares and Apollo flew back to hell
    Ares sent hordes of demons at Michael
    Apollo fired fire of the darkened kind
    The fire struck Michael
    He yelled with pain, and fell to his knees
    Uriel aided the Gabriel
    He repaired her wings
    Lucifer her left damaged
    Lucifer stood using Scythe to help him stand
    The old gods stood before
    Lucifer smiled
    And started to twirl Scythe
    Zeus took this as an insult
    ‘Hit him.’
    He commanded
    Poseidon obeyed
    He readied to hit, he pulled his arm back
    Then he sent it forward, faster than the waters that he commanded
    He made contact with Scythe’s metal
    And she sliced it off
    Scythe had taken the form of her true owner
    Jehovah used to command her
    Before the old gods imprisoned her
    For Hades collected the souls
    She had taken her form
    The form of a long broad sword
    Blacker than the coals in hell
    Blacker than darkness
    Blacker than the lost love for someone
    Uriel unsheathed his blade
    White Flame
    And Gabriel readied her blade
    White Divine
    And Lucifer pointed his blade at Zeus
    He pointed
    Redemption at him
    Jehovah feared that this would happen
    After the battle, he would have to take his blade back
    Lucifer said
    ‘I have wrought the world of both evil and good and even your kind
    ‘Tell me, what is that there is to stop me.’
    Zeus looked with hatred
    Michael held Ares’s blade back
    White Blade burned the old god’s hands
    Ares trusted his blade forward
    Pushing Michael back
    Apollo fired holy arrows at the Angel
    Beelzebub came from behind
    And tried stabbing him
    But Azrael moved her sword to block him
    There that stood
    Back to back
    The Angel of Life
    The Angel of Death
    The gods and angel struck at them
    The demons surrounded
    White Blade, even though it was burning hotter than even hell
    Burned still hotter
    It was originally Jehovah’s blade, along with Redemption
    The two did the work that no angel could do
    But Jehovah gave the two angels
    Even though Lucifer was sinful
    The two swords, before he was imprisoned
    Only they took another form
    White Blade stayed in the form of a sword
    But it slayed a god
    While Redemption took the form, and name Scythe
    And was presented with the sinful angel that had been put into the form of a wolf
    Zeus was being pushed back
    He fellow gods had been slayed
    By Lucifer
    He looked down, and saw that his allies fared little better
    He jumped down towards them
    He landed on Azrael
    ‘Take one more step Sinful Angel
    ‘And I will kill your love.’
    Lucifer had been stricken down
    He collapsed feeling defeated
    Michael, however didn’t stop
    Ares grabbed his from behind
    But his blade slashed through his arm
    He ran toward her
    Zeus saw him just in time
    His hammer hit Michael in the chest
    And then and smashed it into his back
    Into the ground
    His foot rested on Azrael’s back
    His hammer rested on Michael’s back
    ‘Now Lucifer
    ‘What shall it be?
    ‘Take me and mine allies to the heaven
    ‘And help us take heaven again
    ‘Or I kill you loved one, and then later you.’
    Lucifer looked darkened
    Jehovah felt the worst
    He called back Gabriel and Uriel
    Lucifer was left alone
    He spoke softly
    ‘Zeus, I hate you, I hate Jehovah
    ‘I hate you Ares, and Apollo, and I really hate you Beelzebub.’
    Beelzebub smirked at this
    ‘But, I know when I have lost.
    ‘Come, I will take you to the heaven.’
    Michael was moving slowly to able to throw Lucifer his blade
    He felt the heavy weight being lifted
    But then, he felt it slam back on
    It wings had been crushed off making him mortal
    Hell affected him again
    ‘Come Beelzebub; carry this girl to heaven, so that Lucifer will not do anything.’
    Beelzebub picked up Azrael and carried her to earth
    The gods left Michael in hell
    But the vortex was left open
    Michael rolled over
    His blade was no longer burning
    But he was
    ‘Jehovah, I tried and failed
    ‘But allow my last life’s deed
    ‘Be this
    ‘By your hand, allow my blade reach Lucifer
    ‘And give him the strength to fight.’
    Michael then threw his blade up
    Beelzebub walked laughing on earth
    Lucifer walked ahead, with shackles
    ‘Lucifer, take my blades, and fight.’ Jehovah said smiling
    ‘Fetch Michael Gabriel, I want him to watch this battle.’
    And she did
    White Blade, while flying through hell
    Started to grow white hot again
    Fire burned around
    Damned Souls felt it
    She started to grow colder
    The very air started to freeze
    The gods and angel felt it
    But thought nothing of it
    White Blade stabbed through Ares and the chain
    Ares fell over dead
    White Blade shoved himself into Lucifer’s open hand
    Redemption, whom was in Apollo’s hands
    Ripped off his hands and shoved herself into Lucifer’s other open hand
    Lucifer felt the power of Jehovah’s handy work
    Lucifer twirled Redemption, and White Blade
    ‘You gods sicken me
    ‘And that is why you must be destroyed.’
    He looked at the crying Apollo, Zeus and Beelzebub
    ‘You have asked threatened me, my pride, and the one whom I love.
    ‘I will go now, my lady, and cause the chaos of war to engorge this world.’
    Apollo felt the cold steel of Redemption cut into his warm flesh
    His skin, started to turn into ice
    It burned him, from such coldness
    Zeus tried to strike him with his hammer
    But White Blade stopped it cold
    White Blade started to burn hotter and hotter
    As Redemption started to grow colder and colder
    Apollo feel over, frozen solid
    Lucifer smashed the blade onto the frozen statue
    Shattering it
    Zeus reared his hammer back
    To crush Lucifer
    Jehovah laughed as Lucifer and Zeus fought
    He didn’t allow Beelzebub to interfere with this fight
    Zeus sent pulses of lighting through his hammer
    Smashing down onto White Blade
    Lucifer blocked
    As the dust started to stir from the speed of the god and sinful angel
    Zeus jumped and grabbed Ares’s sword
    With both his hammer, and Ares’s sword
    He was one of the most powerful gods ever to walk
    He pointed the sword at Lucifer
    And demons of all kinds fired at him
    The army of Ares charged at him
    ‘Death has a funny thing.
    ‘No matter what changes happen
    ‘the ending is absolute.
    ‘We all have to die.’
    White Blade
    Burned the ground
    A sea of fire absorbed the grasses fields of the earth
    Creating the deserts of all
    And Redemption
    It frozen the northern and southern of the world
    Together they slashed
    Blood never touched the ground
    The demons were all falling to the ground
    Unable to prevent their departure
    Redemption cut into their hides
    And White Blade slashed off their heads
    They fell too the Blades of Jehovah
    And then so did Zeus
    White Blade shoved himself into the heart of Zeus
    ‘This time Zeus, you will be killed by the instrument of Death.’
    Redemption then was shoved into his heart
    The two together
    Both Fire and Ice
    Burned and Frozen at the same time
    The outside of Zeus was freezing
    And the inside was burning
    Zeus fell over to one side
    And Lucifer pulled his blades out
    ‘Beelzebub, I wonder why you stand by
    ‘Were these your comrades?
    ‘Or did you think you would become a god with their deaths.’
    Lucifer looked upon Beelzebub
    And he flinched
    Beelzebub was no long a beautiful angel
    But a heartless demon
    It stood above him
    It had a giant white face
    And blood red eyes
    Its wings were large, pressing into the heavens
    It had long reddish brown arms
    Its legs were bent that of an animals, as it squatted down
    It had black claws
    And two black horns on its head
    And a line of black spikes down its back
    ‘By Jehovah, what the hell?’
    The demon smacked Lucifer across with his long hand
    No sooner than Lucifer landed on the ground, skidding into the earth
    The demon’s long claws stabbed into Lucifer’s chest
    ‘What is it Lucifer?
    ‘Why don’t you fight back?
    ‘What was all that talk about Death?’
    The demon laughed
    As Lucifer felt his life start to slip away
    The demon picked up Redemption, and it grew to his size
    White Blade then cut into the demon’s arm
    ‘You will not touch my sister!’
    The sword yelled
    The demon then smacked the blade
    ‘Now I have you, and then Jehovah Lucifer.’
    ‘Not even the blade of the heavens can stop me.’
    Lucifer felt the claws going deeper and deeper into his flesh
    ‘And now, we die.’
    Lucifer grabbed the demon’s giant red hand
    ‘White Blade, do it.’
    White Blade raised itself into the air
    Beelzebub tried to move, but he felt the coldness of fear gripping him
    ‘You hurt my sister
    ‘Now Beelzebub, you will die.’
    And Michael slashed with White Blade in his hand
    Destroying the demon of hell
    Lucifer coughed up blood, as Michael landed next to him
    ‘Why Lucifer?’
    Michael questioned
    ‘Long ago, in the beginning of my story
    ‘I was shot by an arrow
    ‘An arrow of love
    ‘And then I saw her
    ‘And now, by her hands, I go to her.’
    Lucifer, the sinful angel
    Took his last few breaths of life
    And died
    Michael, by Jehovah’s hands
    Had been changed back into an angel
    Gabriel had been also mentally repaired by him
    Azrael had been rescued by the angels while Apollo was being killed
    And Michael and Azrael both now stand at the gates of heaven
    Waiting on their last member of their only family
    To come to heaven
    But first
    His soul, which never knew true death
    Had to wreak chaos on the world below
    And the Beelzebub was taken back to hell
    With his demons
    And put in chains that only Jehovah could remove
    And humans lived on
    As Lucifer there to kill them
    And the angels to take them to heaven or hell
    Jehovah saw that is was good
    And left it the way it was