• The Realm of the Dead

    Lost in the field of the realm of the dead.

    In the stillness of the night we lay,

    Under the twinkling stars,

    On grass wet with morning dew.

    Forever we will be,

    In the darkness of infinity.

    Trapped in a never ending void,

    Forgotten we’ve become.

    Lost in the forest of the realm of the dead.

    We wander, hand-in-hand,

    Through the thick trees we walk.

    Red, yellow, green. The eyes watch us.

    Cold rain falls upon us.

    Other lost ones shy away.

    Together we will continue to sway,

    Lost in the desert of the realm of the dead.

    The nights are freezing.

    Our throats dry.

    We fall, our mouths filling with black sand.

    No more rain.

    Grey skies lowing.

    We blink,

    Our hands in place.

    A light shines up ahead.

    The smell of flowers greets us.

    The sound of people meets us.

    And then we run,

    Run into the light.

    No longer are we

    Lost in the valley of the realm of the dead.