• Betrayed by the flawed image of love
    And being together
    By him, he who belongs in darkness
    Sadness and despair now rule
    Only a void remains
    His name only causes pain
    Nothing is what I’ve become
    My heart was torn into pieces
    By him, my vampire love
    Tried to act normal
    And befriended a werewolf,
    Without knowing
    Found comfort in my friend
    The one who helped me
    In my time of need
    My werewolf friend
    Hunted by an old enemy
    Drastic stunts, hearing his voice in my head
    He believes I’m dead
    When I am alive
    Time is the enemy
    As I run
    Calling out his name
    To stop his foolish act
    To show him I am alive
    He thinks we’re both dead and together
    It’s no dream and we aren’t dead
    We are together and alive