• Under the Black and White: By The Azure Knight

    I am blackness
    I'm midnight
    I am penance
    I brought life

    Broken madness
    Jaded mask
    Smoking starlight
    Guilty past

    Under the black and white
    Can't see but I can fight
    Come forth with all your might
    Your tomorrow shall end tonight

    My love just simply feels so true
    But it's blank, it's dark, it's very blue
    Foresee into my blinded eyes
    Is this world so filled up with lies?

    No light, no love, no comforting
    For the mask I wear is just haunting
    They hate, they hurt this silent scream
    Apologize, but don't redeem

    You cannot take away the past
    Just say your prayers and I'll make it last
    Your pain shall soon compare to mine
    And upon your tears I then shall dine

    I am in love, but not truly
    This can't be right, this cannot be
    My heart feels as though intertwined
    With the heart of another's so divine

    Her heart beats like pistons in a car
    Her heart feels close and yet so far
    Can she feel her heartbeat tied to me?
    Can she feel our hearts in unity?

    Do I love her, does she even love me?
    Would you love a person you cannot see?
    Nor feel, nor hear, nor hold closely?
    Black and white unreality