• The Flight Unto Beautiful Darkness: The Red White Cometh

    Darkness take me.
    Let you not forget about me. I have been thinking about you in true deep ponder.
    Come sit in glorious command of my soul and release the inner.
    With you at the helm I shall become invincible. Nothing no one will stop me.

    Let's go.
    All that wish to fight shall fall. Darkness turn to Red. Higher form attained.
    The Red glows an ominous bright and in me it grows stronger.
    My soul in strength rising, the mighty Red sets ablaze the foolishness of inhibition.
    True self beginning to emerge. Red turn to White. Higher form attained.
    Discarding higher moral ground to fulfill inner lust is now my truth.

    The White in comparison to the Red is a more concentrated power,
    one more deeply rooted in the inner. It swims in desire more easily almost as if guided
    by some ethereal intuitive force. But it is not the heavens that guide me;
    It is the releasing of the inner, the embracing of self, and the newfound freedom that consumes.
    Those forces combine guide the White and they guide me. They guide me to highest form.

    The base state, Darkness lives to grow, multiply and consume.
    It's second form is the Red and it is Darkness intensified.
    It destroys inhibition, freeing the soul.
    The Red growing further turns into the White and third form is realized.
    The White is stronger. It binds to the soul, extracting deep hidden desires and brings them to light.

    I am here now.
    I am in highest form possible. The Red and the White have become the Darkness they were born of.
    The Red White Darkness. A glorious cycle for and of destruction. Beautiful command. Beautiful power.
    Nothing no one can stop me. One eye glows red and the other white. Misty black Darkness resides and
    thrives in mind. Power to dominate is here.

    It's time to fly.
    Inner demons show your faces. The pain once inflicted now powers you.
    Take flight and seek vengeance. Forget any concept of empathy for you were shown none.
    Let The Red White Darkness control. Mold to it. Take it's form. Breathe it. Live it. Know nothing else.
    It is your freedom. Do not forget that.

    So now go!
    Spread forth your glorious wings and take dark beautiful flight. Spill the blood of those that have wronged
    you and forget not those who have oppressed you. Show no mercy!
    Embrace the Red, fight for the White, and give glory to the Darkness. For all you gain now is because of it.
    The disease of inhibition no longer sickens you. No more are you plagued by the poison of perceived inferiority.
    You have been reborn. You are in new light.
    The light of the Red White Darkness.