• I force down bile
    As i light up a smile
    Just to get them off my back.
    I cant take it any longer
    But my break down would make them stronger
    So i guess I'll have to cut them some slack.
    I act like I'm normal
    Reserved but not formal
    When inside its tearing me up.
    They don't understand
    Why, by their hand,
    My demise is sure enough.
    I cannot be saved
    I'm so near my grave
    So irresistibly whispering my name.
    Ive resisted so long
    Ignored deaths beautiful song
    But so many times i almost came.
    This pain is too much
    Cant resist the blades touch;
    Maybe this time temptation will win.
    I pick up the razor
    Every moment to savor
    But, hesitantly, put it back down
    Because life has prevailed again.