• Summer...
    Is wonderous thing
    Of happy and joyness
    And other things it may bring

    The days are hot
    But it doesnt bug me much
    I like the nice warm nights when i lie awake in bed
    I love it such

    Fishing all day long
    And talking with relatives
    Aunts and uncle's
    Singing songs

    I guess
    That something I like the best
    is being away from school
    So this be
    What summer means to me.

    Summer isnt just a word that we use when we get out of school
    It has a meaning
    A meaning of a great season
    And happyness all around
    When your lonley or upset
    Turn that frown upside down

    So now can you see
    What summer means to me?
    Its not a word we use to describe no school
    happyness and joy

    For all the adults, girls, and yes the boys

    :3 dedicated to Angie