• One, two, three; one, two,
    three – around and a-
    round, spinning and turn-
    ing the dancers go
    round and

    now point and arrive,
    be sure to land on
    your toes, no need to
    be heavy – every-
    one knows.

    Twirling and glowing,
    dancers’ delight: al-
    ways looking so del-
    icate, intricate.

    on the stage like a
    moth in mid-flight, so
    soft small and sudden,
    tutus of sparkling,
    bright cloth

    shadow the dancer
    to show the skitter and
    skatter. So dreamlike
    and coy, they are go-
    ing to

    finale, to end,
    the dance starts to slow,
    and gradually
    the lights go down and
    it's done.