• If I could find a four leaf clover

    I’ve never found a four-leaf clover

    And believe me, I have tried

    I’ve never climbed a mountain top

    Because they’ve seemed too high

    I’ve never held on longer

    Than I felt I should

    And all because I don’t take risks

    I’m afraid of them, of being good

    If all of us were good, you see

    Then no one would be great

    That’s the logic I’ve always had

    It’s the logic that lets me be

    Yet it’s as the old saying goes,

    The risk is worth the gold,

    But why am I just too afraid

    To risk such little for my soul.

    I’ve never found a four-leaf clover

    Not even in a store

    I can’t even take the cheaper way

    Of risking all I’ve earned

    The mountain’s still too tall for me,

    The test still just too hard

    But if I were to put in what it takes

    I could live no longer barred.