• I dream to be a witch,
    Or maybe just a fish,
    A dragon in the sky,
    Or a bird that can fly,

    To explore the great blue sea,
    Would mean so much to me,
    To be a mermaid or a unicorn,
    Would not make me forlorn,

    But what makes me sad is when you say,
    “it’s just a crazy dream that will not come to stay”,
    So please listen to me for what I will tell you,
    is what we all want to know through and trough,

    life is short and will someday come to an end,
    So why would you want to live if you could never dream again
    The journey will be hard and the times will be tough,
    But man was meant to dream and grow,
    And in that you will glow,
    For the meaning of this itself will make those haters scream,
    But the meaning of all life is to grow and dream.