• Your Assassin Tonight
    The light of the sun
    In the dark of the night.
    My head is high
    My eyes glassy as I watch you.
    Hidden in a shadow
    But in plain site.
    I am your assassin
    For this night.
    You can try and run
    But it shant help you.
    Run little man
    Run as fast and as far as you can.
    Whip in the air
    Sword in my hand.
    My whip wraps around
    My sword comes down.
    Your head rolls, to the ground
    Reaching inside.
    I pull out your heart
    And pick up your head.
    Walking away
    My hood falls.
    And my hair shines in the light.

    My Love
    Coming home
    I see the blood.
    My heart begins to race
    As I run.
    In the bedroom I
    Find him there,
    Bent over my love.
    I cry out in rage
    And grab the whip from my belt.
    Raising it, I lash out
    Catching his arm he turns on me.
    I feel his sword bite
    Deep into me.
    Ignoring my pain,
    Anding making one last atempt.
    The man dies and I cry,
    As I walk to my love
    Tears flow freely.
    He smiles up at me
    One last time.
    I feel his heart stop
    And mine stops too.
    I touch his cheek
    Then pick up the fallen sword.
    I know I shouldn't
    But my heart is so sad.
    The sword breaks my flesh.
    I pull it out,
    Then slump over my loves body.
    Even in death
    We will be togeather.