• M y B e a u t i f u l D i s e a s e

    As the moon rises your mesmerizing voice resounds in my head
    I close my eyes and the music plays
    A sweet serenade as I lie down in bed
    I fight to find you resting at the end of this maze
    But upon my approach you only fade away
    Left to wonder if I may see you another day
    Every night have I seen this dream
    Such bliss that for nightfall I could not wait
    Entering my mind in such a heavenly stream
    But never was I able to hold your hand
    Eventually It began to eat away at my heart
    The world stands against me, or so it may seem
    From the start you were a dream
    In the end a nightmare
    Your serenade now a scream
    My breathing grows heavy
    My love was my disease
    This is not the comfort I once felt
    Now I lie trembling in this lonely cell
    Accompanied only by my own merciless despair
    Welcome to my private little hell