• Many emotions fill my mind,
    Too many things, so little time.
    So many emotions I feel about you,
    Can't tell if your lying about what's true.

    I can't stand the way I feel now,
    Your making me cry, scream, and shout.
    I'm falling deeper into never-ending blackness,
    The blackness of death, regret, and sadness.

    Falling so deep, no one to save me,
    In a state of panic, no one to love me.
    In need of someone to rest my head on,
    But I'm left alone, till I am nothing.

    I look up at the light, see you there standing,
    All I see is you standing there laughing.
    Laughing at what I say, what I do,
    You think I'm a joke, and a failure too.

    But as I try to tell you that I need help,
    I'm falling deeper, into the bottomless hell.
    No way to explain how I feel,
    No way to fix the scars and heal.

    I try to get a grasp of something, please
    Get back up on my hands and knees.
    But I'm falling, falling, until I'm gone,
    I lost this foolish game, be happy. You've won.