• the world is fading before my eyes
    so is the idea that u were mine
    thought u were beter
    yet i was wrong
    about me and u
    u being the one

    ill cry to sleep
    and will not eat
    until i hold you back in my arms
    and we'll have our sweet dreams

    love cant explain what i once felt
    the way u made me melt
    and how when u kiss me i would frizzle
    and when u hold me i would giggle

    i miss that
    and all i really want is to get u back
    im desprit for ur love
    makes me fell like im above
    in heaven
    holding my one and only man

    when i think of those sweet moments i wat to cry
    when i think about the end of this
    i want to die
    cause there cant b anything worst than not having you by my side
    somtimes i think you dont even care
    but then i remember you told me u cared
    im desprit
    breathing in a straw for air

    i want to hug you again
    and run my fingers trow your hair

    i want to i miss
    the way we use to kiss
    the way u told me everything would b fine
    when im sad

    i miss the idea of u and me...
    so wont u plz com back to me?