• Little Miss Perfect, always truth for the purpose,
    Little Miss Perfect, lies under the surface,
    Little Miss Perfect,sees she is the best,
    While I...see the rest

    I am an outcast; I see what is not seen,
    I see how Little Miss Perfect has always been.
    I am the lied to and the deceived
    While Little Miss Perfect is a cause to be perceived.

    Little Miss Perfect trusts no one
    I try to help her, but now I am done
    She scolds and swears
    So why do I help with her affairs?

    She cheats and breaks hearts
    I was the keeper of the charts
    There are many who depart
    But Little Miss Perfect doesn’t come apart.

    There is a man for her
    “Please stay away, monsieur”
    “She will be done with you in a week”
    “But please do not critique”
    Little Miss Perfect played with him
    But this relationship was a whim
    Then she saw my man
    And so it began

    It started out with a smile
    And continued awhile
    She decided it was worthwhile
    “Goodbye” went Kyle.
    He believed they’d go down the aisle
    But then there was Lyle.

    He was very charming
    Although he did a lot of farming
    Which she very much hated
    Away went Lyle, the undated

    And now we come to the end of my story
    About a girl...named Laurie
    I tried to help her, but to no avail
    Perhaps, I shouldn’t have turned tail.