• Reflection~

    It has been hard, but I have discovered him
    He was created for only pain and sin
    He is feared among all in his land
    Death is in the palm of his hand
    He uses hate as his disguise
    To hide his tears and his despise
    The line between us is so thin
    For I am a reflection of him
    It was obvious; his mental decline
    His impassive face was the first sign
    I see that all his love for anyone has disappeared
    As water does when it evaporates into air
    From his brother and sister he was disliked
    For he was meant to kill and fight
    Once he tasted the bitterness of defeat
    From his mouth, the words so sweet
    A sincere apology, his greatest feat
    For he has accepted he is not the most elite
    His heart so big had been decaying
    The toll he had been paying
    His soul was being destroyed
    Within his body there was a void
    But now that I have dissolved
    The hate that evolved
    His loveless childhood is becoming a distant memory
    The sands of time no longer an enemy
    The village overlooks his defects
    And he can reflect
    As the Sand’s Kazekage