• There was a girl
    She was happy
    But then her life turned crappy
    Every day she did cry
    And then she said "I hope I die!!!"
    So she grabbed the nearest knife
    "Here I go, I'll end my life"
    But she was scared
    She didn't dare
    Stab herself, so she waits
    She grows more
    But she grows sore
    And tired of her life
    So she cuts
    And she cuts
    And still she has the scars
    But soon she got her wish
    She was impaled with a bar
    She soon died
    But no one cried
    And no one even cared
    So they threw her in an unmarked grave
    And she's still stuck in there
    Her spirit roams
    Her spirit walks
    It watches peoples lives
    And deep down
    Down inside
    She wish she hadn't died