• My flesh seeming pulled every which way
    The energy inside of me havoc
    Contradicting needs tearing at me
    Reason lost and fear reasonless

    I feel as if I must run but wish to stand still
    I feel trapped but comfortable
    I feel cold but warm
    And awake but sleeping

    I struggle to see the reality
    Should I run should I go
    But where and why
    The purpose lost and never had

    Am I missing something
    Have I forgotten
    Have I awoken
    Or are my days so repetitive
    That I have wonder in my sleep to time familiar

    What is it that I feel
    Is there something watching me
    My thoughts blurred
    Flight or fight but what

    Am I fearing what I do not know
    And know not to fear
    But need for unknown reasons
    Or fear the unknown

    What is it inside of me
    What is it creating this confusion
    Is it more than in my mind
    Or is anything at all

    My sleep deprived eyes look and see nothing
    Whether I am awake to be seen
    Mind of torments reasonless
    Lost in a sea of thoughtless thoughts...