• Defiler's curtain call
    Heresy willed by parachutes
    Heed the gradient's wish to crack
    That will be an asteroid's portion

    In flashes it dishevels
    Pupils cleansed in unions
    You wouldn't know when the sand
    Scarfs unrest into the meddling simoon

    Serpents charred by tempests
    Is it your famed cruelty she's going for
    With an aching chest he screams "Demolition!"
    Churchyards roasted to the spiral grant

    Stay in your seat, boy, hold your knees
    See what hastens metamorphosis
    You can never mope for an empire
    Prodigal checks that stand-out as larks

    Pull-over by that circle
    Unveiled only once during an equinox
    There is a cloak to retake from the bodies
    Even if it smells of several hundred commandments

    It's a waste to pilfer what has been extended
    As persistence for your truant sigh clot
    He's a swordbreaker that only responds
    To an emotionless gaunt clothed in all but that

    Lost riffs don't get pondered on at shorelines
    Have you no heart for the erasure
    That sees you wanting what's gone
    Unbearable for whatever slows the task

    Pull-over once more by that circle
    It's the final run-in for this equinox
    There is a crown to retake and tarnish
    Even if it tills kindred torments

    Temptations charred by Wyverns
    Is it lame amnesty he's going for?
    Dumb luck, she wins by a premonition
    Churchyards toasted in a grand spiral

    Remember this curtain call
    Do you hear the gradient's wish to get halved
    Necromancy, shrill in every granule
    Harvest before the next defilers fear the union