• I am the vampire that rules the night.

    I am the Vampire that's always in flight.

    Keep to the rule, keep to the law

    Any who break it shall die by my claw.

    I fight to protect

    My enemies to dissect-

    Don't touch my one hope

    For then you shall choke.

    My one life, my only child

    Kept away from the darkness wild.

    I never sleep

    I'll never keep.

    Power runs in daylight shone

    Skin still cold and hard as stone.

    Quick as bullets I'm not seen

    You'll never know where I have been.

    Feeding in darkness, leave no mess

    No one to notice, or feel distress.

    Human blood I do not feed

    Animals in large quantities, as I need.

    Look inside me you will find

    A vampire of a different kind.

    To fight for what I do believe

    Humans are my only leave.

    Touch them and you'll surely die

    Don't ask questions- don't ask why.