• I’ve suffered and cried,
    I’ve sinned and I’ve lied,
    I’ve suffered when my nightmares fly,
    My broken heart has always asked why.
    But now my nightmares die,
    And now I seize to cry.
    My mind has torn me apart,
    It has defeated my heart,
    So now I’m lost,
    My life’s the cost,
    Now I’m going insane,
    But as you see its always in vane,
    So torture me Nightmare,
    See if I care,
    But if you hear my voice fade,
    Maybe you will end the raid,
    I see you rot like rose petals in the sun,
    Now you can see who’s having fun,
    Like the moon,
    You have to end soon,
    I say good by,
    You’re wondering why,
    You’re scared my nightmare,
    No more cries,
    Because I’ve opened my eyes.