• They say lies are friends that you haven't met yet,
    I disagree,
    Because every time someone tells me a lie,
    It just hurts me,
    And I know I can't stop it,
    Best for me just to drop it,
    And move on,
    But I can't,
    I can't Just move on,

    Another day another lie,
    I don't know what gets us by this life that we live,
    They say they're our friends then turn right around and give,
    A fake smile,
    We thought they made sense,
    With all the compliments,
    They lie and build a fence to border us,
    Then we climb the fence as they make it rise,
    With all the fake smiles and unanswered cries,
    They lie and kill us on the inside,
    {End of chorus}

    They tell us things as if they don't know that we have feelings too,
    They lie to us as if we don't know what they're trying to do,
    They look at us as if we were the ones who weren't telling the truth,
    They frown at us as if were the ones destroying the youth,
    Now we look at them because we know the truth they're too coward to admit,
    We pull out their lies one by one and we try to comprehend it,
    Why do we trust them when we know they lie?,
    Why do they lie does it get them by?

    {chorus till fade}