• The reason why I love you…
    is those beautiful brown eyes!
    Those eyes light up my day
    when I’m feeling down
    & hurt
    or sad.
    I love you more than you probably know!

    I say your my heart
    & that’s not a lie.

    That beautiful smile makes me happy.
    I love you cuz you make me so happy

    Id wished I could never die.
    cuz with you
    I’m my strongest
    I could be.

    when I’m with you
    it feels like I’m your 1.
    & in my heart & soul your my 1.

    the way you laugh
    it makes me laugh
    cuz your laugh is a beautiful laugh.

    I say your my angel
    & I mean it!
    Ever since I lost my granddaddy
    I couldn’t feel anyone’s love.
    then I met you
    I swear ur the 1!

    you knocked my heart open.
    With your wind you blew right in.
    now my walls are up.
    Those that you knocked down
    they are up
    so I’d keep you in my heart forever!

    I caused you pain,
    I caused you suffering.
    so much I wish I’d die.
    But if I’d died
    I couldn’t give you a future with me.

    cuz I’m your 1
    as much as your mine.
    this is destiny
    You & I!

    we are meant for each other
    it makes me want 2 fly.

    Your my heart
    my soul
    my mind!

    I feel your love inside me.
    & when your not here
    for me
    in person
    I feel you in spirit.

    & when im alone
    I only think about you
    my 1.
    I know I rushed you
    so many times
    cuz I only want you
    to be my 1 & my only true love!

    -black-winged angel